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Re: [seul-edu] Re: Student Information Standard (EduML)

Thomas TEMPE wrote:
> I have been looking around in the past month, but I haven't found any way to
> store/retrieve a piece of XML other than the "plaint text" (well... say "plain
> xml") file. This doesn't seem optimal if you intend to store/query for pieces of
> XML from a somewat big database (say, a Pangée repository;)
> I've asked my database course teacher, he said that there still is no such
> thing as an XML database engine. I would like to see that infirmed, but I hold him
> for someone very knowledgeable in his area of expertise.

Look at what http://www.dbxml.com says :

The dbXML Group's flagship product is dbXML. dbXML is the industry's
first Open Source Native XML Database Application Server. It has been
designed from the ground up as a complete solution to enterprise-wide
XML integration and application provisioning. dbXML will be available in
two flavors, the Core Edition and the Enterprise Edition. 

The dbXML Core Edition is a data management system designed
specifically for collections of XML documents. It is easily embedded
existing applications, highly configurable, and openly extensible. It is
released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License
The commercial version of dbXML, The dbXML Enterprise Edition, will
feature a suite of functionality geared specifically toward
client-connectivity and business logic encapsulation. Some of this
functionality will include CORBA services, management tools, and
JDBC(TM) drivers for legacy connectivity. 


Odile Bénassy