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[seul-edu] vsep

It's in http://pyportal.seul.org/vsep till arma set things up.

vsep is a simple tcl/tk script, that eats only 4 Mb of Ram, so
you can put it in old machines. And tcl/tk can be installed
in Windows, Mac... So it's a very portable app.

It's just a program to do quick exams.
The difference with other products is that it's deadly easy
to add new exercises and subjects. I'd see it can't be easier and 
more portable. 

P.S.: This is 0.0.1 version, if I don't get (active) feedback 
(from you
or from the rest of the world), there won't be 0.0.2 version.
This is not a threat, but a fact.

P.S.S: Available in RPM <-------------Doug, could you test it ?

www.ctv.es/USERS/irmina    /TeEncontreX.html   /texpython.htm
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