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Re: [seul-edu] Alternatives to NIS

micros@azstarnet.com said:
>  you can then mount the nfs export, su to the user, and see the files.
>  NIS brings this from a matter of software security, to physical
> security.  

No. That has nothing to do with NIS. That's NFS. You don't need to run NIS
on either the server or the client to see this.

Recent example: sunsite.org.uk had their Red Hat 7 mirror readable by uid 
19837, even before it was supposed to have been released to the public.
By adding a user with that id to my local password file, and becoming that 
user, I was able to read the files.

NIS might perhaps have saved me a few keystrokes - but not many. It's not 
the cause of the problem. NFS is.