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[seul-edu] topic = community: seeking info on a K-12 dot-com company in VA

Does anyone have any background information about the operations at
www.premierschool.com? Might they be using GNU/Linux?

Their webpage says that they integrate K-12 education, with the internet
and emergent technologies, to offer 'the most comprehensive education
available anywhere.' That is a rather lofty statement, but perhaps it
might really be their goal (who knows).

I am waiting for the contact person to return my call, so I can ask them
if they use free software in their work. I will post a follow-up as soon
as I can ask them lots of questions.

I found out about this premierschool-thing from a pal (dOpefiSh) who
heard their radio-ad; he pointed me towards their open-house tomorrow
night. I might try to show up at their open-house (10/25) to make some
contacts within their ranks, and dredge some avenues for advocacy.

thanks for any info or leads.