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Re: [seul-edu] Alternatives to NIS

What is recommended for those of us with an open network that encourages labtops
-- in fact I have quite a few kids who have borrowed various version of Linux CD
to install on their own computers.  Although none to my knowledge have gotten
Linux on a laptop (they all seem to have driver problems).

Is NIS+ what's considered the "secure and frustrating" option?  I was under the
impression that NIS+ didn't really work properly on Linux.  Am I wrong?


Bill T.

Quoting Dave Prentice <dprentice@uno.edu>:

> I know nobody can get physical access to plug in to the network cables
> because the whole network is enclosed in my classroom. Only the cleaning
> people and I have a key. There's nothing on any of the machines that
> anybody would want anyway.

>     Ah but how can you be sure you are the only one with root access to
> a *NIX box?  How do you know someone didn't bring in a laptop and simply
> plug it into an active port?