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Re: [seul-edu] Alternatives to NIS

Your error messages are a total mystery to me, given that you didn't bother 
to quote them. My ESP isn't working well today, but I'll have a go...

If it's saying 'Entering directory /root' you need to set your 
nisdomainname first:

# nisdomainname my-domain-name

Now run make in the /var/yp directory. It'll whinge about not being able to 
update the local ypserv - hardly a surprise if you haven't started ypserv 

If it complains about missing files, it's probably stuff you don't need 
(mine complains about the absence of /etc/aliases). Edit /var/yp/Makefile 
and remove the offending dependency from the 'all' target.

Now start your yp server: 

# service ypserv start.

These instructions are based on RH7, but most systems will be similar 
enough that you can work it out.