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Re: [seul-edu] Red Escolar status

Doug Loss <dloss@suscom.net> wrote:

>I found a link on Linux Weekly News to this status page on the Red
>Escolar site:
>It appears that the project is going forward in San Luis Potosi, but
>may be stalled elsewhere.  Could some of our Spanish speakers take a
>look through the site and see if there's any more info there on
>what's happening with Red Escolar?  Thanks.
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The RedEscolar page has not changed in Spanish or English for months. Recently there were some threads in this list asking the status of RedEscolar, but nobody knew for sure what's going on with the project. It seems that currently there are no people from RedEscolar watching this list, as none of us received answers from them...

However, last Monday 23 appeared in a national newspaper, "Reforma" an interesting article, "They propose the use of Free Software". It talks about a letter that was sent to the elect president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, by Gary Chapman, director of XXI Century Project (University of Texas), in which he urges the new goverment to use free software in public schools. "The future of the country relies on implantation and development of open source software, such as the Linux operating system" -it says-. "Mexico has nothing to lose with the adoption of free software, and it could be the change to the latest in high technology". It also indicates that free software could avoid a massive transference of resources to the United States, mainly to Microsoft. With the adoption of Linux, "by no means a peso (our local currency) would leave Mexico". Chapman suggests the creation of a group of programmers and developers of free software to impel the spirit of the movement.

I hope that this article would be available on line in a few days. If that happens, I'll let you know where is it. 

We believe that the group suggested by Chapman already exists. It is from ENMAC, the first school in Mexico that chose Linux as its official and one and only plattform some years ago. The school is currently working the idea of production of multimedia educative titles for Linux, to make the operating system a more strong option in elementary schools. One title already exists. Check out http://www.imagenzac.com.mx/2000/07/11/Zonaurbana5.htm to read a little bit about that (in Spanish, of course  ;-)   )

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