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Re: [seul-edu] programming class

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Linux System wrote:
>   we're using linux Redhat 6.1 , 1G RAM, Dual PII-450 as server for our
> programming class.  at one time there are 150 students simultaneously 
> logged in and for thier c programming class.  our problem is that
> sometimes some of the students will experience slowdown when most are
> going to compile at the same time.  has anyone used linux for their
> programming class here?  kindly point me to sites i could use to better
> implementation.  

There's a scripting language 'ICI' that resembles  C in many 
things. Launching ICI processes will be lighter than gcc. 
So a 80 % c , 20 % ICI will make things better.

freshmeat.net for looking for ICI.

www.ctv.es/USERS/irmina    /TeEncontreX.html   /texpython.htm
/pyttex.htm /cruo/cruolinux.htm ICQ:77697936 (sirve el ICQ para algo?)