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[seul-edu] NIS almost running

Hey y'all,
    After many attempts, NIS is partially working on my system. It turns out that the NIS HOWTO is flat out wrong. If you follow the instructions and run "make" in the /var/yp directory it doesn't know what to do with it. Instead, you have to: (1) Install the rpms for yp, (2) set your NIS domain and server -- I used linuxconf, (3) start ypserv, (4) edit the /var/yp/Makefile if you are not satisfied with the defaults (though they should be OK), and (5) go into /usr/lib/yp and run ./ypinit -m. At least on Redhat, that is the correct command to get things properly compiled, not "make." If somebody knows how to contact the HOWTO author, please pass it on.
    There is still a problem. I added a number of users on the server, gave them passwords and yppasswords, etc. Everything works fine when running on the server. However, when I log on as one of the users from a client and move into the appropriate home directory (mounted on the server), it doesn't let me write anything. I get a message that the directory is read-only. Also, when I try to start X, it kicks me out because it is unable to write the necessary permissions.
    The server's /home directory is on a separate hard drive, and is set in /etc/exports as rw. Everything works OK when run from the server. Each of the clients' /etc/fstab has /home mount as rw too. Any suggestions how to get the clients to be able to write to their home directories? 
Dave Prentice