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[seul-edu] Fwd: Open Source Schools Journal - First week completed

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Subject: Open Source Schools Journal - First week completed
From: "David M. Bucknell" <david@members.iteachnet.com>

OpenSourceSchools.org is a new online journal/project fostering free
 and open source solutions for education. It's an open, volunteer,
 collaborative effort at http://www.opensourceschools.org. We'd like
 to invite those interested to contribute as writers, editors,
 planners and technical team members.

 We've just completed our first five days of daily features by
 members of the community who share our goals. I believe it is the
 beginning of three things:

 1)a source of good reading on related subjects,
 2)a compendium of expertise on free and open software and content,
 and 3)the process of attempting to come to a community consensus on
 the best way(s) forward. I invite you to read, comment and
 contribute to the conversation:

 *****Week 1: Open Source Schools (the journal)*****
 *Fri, Oct 5th
 The Open Source Pocket URL Guide - By Karl O. Pinc

 *Thu, Oct 4th
 Mozilla.org - By Brent Simpson
 http://opensourceschools.org/article.php?story=20011003173822984 -

 *Wed, Oct 3rd
 Why Use Open Source in Schools? - By George Shaffer

 *Tues, Oct 2nd
 Linux in education report #54 - By Doug Loss

 *Mon, Oct 1st
 Five Easy Pieces (to the puzzle of how to bring education back home
 to Free and Open Source) - By David Bucknell

 Best wishes,

 David Bucknell
 Editor, Open Source Schools

David M. Bucknell
Fax: (US) 775-244-0803


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