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Re: [vox] [Fwd: [seul-edu] looking for fonts for teaching handwriting]

(I am assuming this will bounce at vox@lists.mother.com since I am not
subscribed there.)

On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Peter Jay Salzman wrote:

> > I'm looking for cursive and non-cursive typefaces made up of dots for
> > tracing that can be used for teaching handwriting. (See my simple
> > non-cursive examples below.)
> > 
> > I am not sure what the sans-serif typeface is called that is commonly used
> > in United States elementary schools. (Any ideas?)
> the canonical sans-serif font is arial.  espeically if you own windows.  ;)
> helvetica is an open source version of MS arial.  lucida is also a popular
> sans serif font.

Yes, but I am looking for typefaces that are commonly used in United
States elementary schools for teaching handwriting. (From looking at
examples from matchfonts.com site, I see "Normographe" looks similar to
this. Several years ago, I had a "Elementary" font.)

> > I think the cursive typeface is called "D'Nealian".
> i have a bunch of them, but they're all non-free (and i'd have to spend some
> time searching gimp.  look at an MS installation.  i'm sure they have some).
> also, check out the link i give below.   with a little effort, there's ALOT
> of fonts available for free download on the net.   do a google and deja
> search.  i went through a period of 4 weeks of hogging all the TT fonts i can
> get my hands on.  ended up with quite a collection.  chances are, you'll find
> what you're looking for.

Okay, I'll keep looking. I have found hundreds of free fonts -- but none
for *teaching* handwriting (both printed and cursive).

> > Does anyone know where I can get some fonts for teaching handwriting?
> not quite sure what a desirable trait for a font would be to be a good
> teaching font.

Please note that my original message said "made up of dots for
tracing". The typefaces should be simlar in format as used by
U.S. elementary school teachers.

For example, I hope to print them at one inch tall and have my sons trace
them for hours :)

> good luck.   the canonical way to make fonts is via metafont, written

Thanks. I see my system already has some metafont files. I'll have a look
at this. Hopefully, I can also find a GUI tool.

> i did some research.  check out:
> http://www.matchfonts.com/
> apparently, they have fonts for learning hand writing.

Yes. I went there before I emailed. I did do some research before posting

There free fonts are not free -- they are shareware and only evaluation

I also found some other commercial typefaces for tracing.

I'll keep looking. But if I don't find any free typefaces and I don't make
any, then I'll end up buying some.

Thanks for you comments and suggestions.

   Jeremy C. Reed