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Re: [seul-edu] Opportunity to make a difference

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Dave Prentice wrote:

>     Anybody have any ideas about a strandardized way to bring the LANs under
> control? (Or any other good suggestions, while I've got his ear?)

Hi Dave,

Here's my very quick take on this. I'm painting is very broad strokes here.

The correct move depends on the extent of this person's support from on
top. If I were in his shoes *and* I had the support of the higher-ups I
would immediately assemble the technology leaders from some of the schools
(maybe all of them) and begin to explain to them how important it is that an
organization's network be managed in a systematic way. Assuming that he can
get some buy-in from these other leaders (some of whom have probably been
responsible for the rogue LANs), I would proceed to develop a specific
technology/network plan that would slowly, but surely bring everyone in

#1 priority must be making sure that this guy has the support of his
superiors. If he has to start giving orders he has to be sure that his boss
will stand firm when the complaints start flying.


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