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[Fwd: Re: [seul-edu] looking for fonts for teaching handwriting]

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> From: "Kyle Hutson" <smyle@rockcreek.k12.ks.us>
> To: seul-edu@seul.org
> Subject: Re: [seul-edu] looking for fonts for teaching handwriting
> > I think the cursive typeface is called "D'Nealian".
> Disclaimer: the only reason I know this is because my son is in
> kindergarten and is learning this right now.
> D'Nealian isn't really a cursive typeface.  It's more like serif'ed
> printing.  e.g. the lower-case letter 'i' is the "normal" printed dot
> and vertical line, but with a little 'tail' at the bottom of the
> vertical line.
> It is how we teach printing in the grade schools in my district.
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