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Re: [seul-edu] Presentation Software

Star Office/Open Office (Open Office is the development version) both do a 
good job of creating presentations, and the filters for Powerpoint seem quite 

I usually use KPresenter though, since it has the advantage of being quicker 
to load and using fewer resources than Star Office.  

I know KPresenter does simple animations; I haven't tried that in Star 
Office, but it's full-featured so it must do animations also.  
If I won't have a Linux computer available for the presentation I usually 
save as HTML, which is even more portable. 

There are some programs for generating HTML presentations which you can find 
by searching on Freshmeat or linuxapps.com.  I haven't tried any of them.

Best regards,

Jeff Nelson

On Tuesday 23 October 2001 19:00, you wrote:
> Hi there.
> I'm kind of new to Linux and I've just joined the seul mailing list.
> As an ex-windows user, and someone willing to provid my students
> with lecture notes in electronic format, the first question that occured to
> me was: "which presentation software should I use to produce my
> notes?".  In broad terms, I have in mind something that:
> - could have some degree of "animation" (not just ps/pdf files);
> - could afterwards be accessed in different platforms (mainly windows
>           users);
> - could easily incorporate (heavy?) math formulas + charts
> I guess PowerPoint would do the job but that is out of question :-)
> Your advice will certainly be of great help.
> Thanks in advance
> Luis