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Re: [seul-edu] Presentation Software

Luis Miguel Tavora wrote:

> As an ex-windows user, and someone willing to provid my
> studentswith lecture notes in electronic format, the first
> question that occured tome was: "which presentation software
> should I use to produce mynotes?".  In broad terms, I have in mind
> something that: - could have some degree of "animation" (not just
> ps/pdf files);- could afterwards be accessed in different
> platforms (mainly windows          users);- could easily
> incorporate (heavy?) math formulas + charts I guess PowerPoint
> would do the job but that is out of question :-)

Welcome, Luis!  You might want to go to our software database
<http://richtech.ca/seul/> and look in the "Presentation" category.
Right now there are only two entries there, electure and PresTiMeL.
One of those might be what you're looking for.  There is also the
presentation module in Star Office/Open Office, MagicPoint, and
undoubtedly some others I don't remember at this moment.  You may
also want to look in the "Courseware" category.  While these aren't
exactly presentation programs, one or another of them might be

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