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Re: [seul-edu] Patent abuse...

The validity, reasonableness, rightness of this patent is beyond (my) belief.
Isn't there a sanction for patent fraud?

The concepts mentioned in the patent have been widely used in a multitude of applications for 25 years.
Ethernet, collision-detection, random-delay retransmission, radio communication in educational institutions...

Why not patents on a pencil???

This is really discouraging.

At 02:34 PM 10/24/01, you wrote:



The world-wide patent equivalent to below is being used in the UK to stop educational institutions from using wireless networks to collect attendance data or to access it for reporting purposes. One education authority in the UK has settled out of court to allow it to continue using its wireless network infrastructure. We believe that this patent is not applicable on systems that use generic networking technology and PCs, but we need something to show to the lawyers.

We would be interested in any evidence of prior electronic registration data systems, in particular those that involved a wireless data transfer at some point in the process e.g. a point ot point microwave link or used standard network protocols (TCP/IP, IPX) or applications (telnet , ftp, http). Of greatest interest are systems that can be shown to be in use before 1993, but also anything that is well established is useful.

It seems likely the late addition of the world patent is a possible moneyspinner for a company whose primary product has been outclassed by standard PC based apps.

All help appreciated.


Chris Puttick