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Re: [seul-edu] Re: Presentation Software

on Tue, Oct 23, 2001 at 08:25:42AM -0700, astroboy@linuxfreemail.com (astroboy@linuxfreemail.com) wrote:
> I think that the best option for you is StarImpress, a presentations
> program included in StarOffice.
> That program works like PowerPoint, and since StarOffice is available
> on 3 operating systems, you can run your presentation in Linux,
> Windows or Solaris. You can even save your presentation using the
> PowerPoint format.

I missed the initial post in this thread (or already replied to it and
deleted same).  Quoting context is helpful.

Another option is simply using HTML -- your presentation is portable
over a wide range of platforms, automajickally.

Galeon (http://galeon.sourceforge.net/) is a *very* nice, full-featured
browser that includes a kiosk mode, toggled by the <F11> function key,
which makes a slick presentation environment.  The one nice add would be
to have some way for automating the "next" page view without aiming for
a button.

Otherwise, yes, Impress (the "Star" prefix has been dropped with
OpenOffice / StarOffice 6.x) is pretty good.  Otherwise, I still prefer
other tools to OO/SO for editing, mail, and spreadsheet.  Give the
damned thing a diet.


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