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[seul-edu] [Fwd: A strategic comparison of Windows vs. Unix]

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> From: SteelHead <brk@linuxhelpers.org>
> To: seul-edu@seul.org
> Subject:     A strategic comparison of Windows vs. Unix
> I found this on another list posted by some "Bozo".  I
> never caught it so many thanks thanks to SamBozo.
> Steelhead
> Summary
>  Most of the Windows versus Unix debate has been cast in
> terms of which is technically better or which is cheaper,
> but the real question is, 'Under what circumstances is it
> smarter to pick one technology rather than the other?'
> (4,500 words)
> http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/2001/1018.tco.html

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