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Re: [seul-edu] dhcp fails

I had this problem on an earlier version of Slackware.  What it turned 
out to be is that the card was initializing slow enough that the dhcpd 
deamon fired before the card was up.  Running dhcpd from the command 
line after boot worked fine.

I altered the startup scripts and loaded other items between the scripts 
that started the card and the scripts that started dhcpd.  The delay was 
enough to slow the login and allow the card to initialize


Kevin Stiles
Technology Department
Pasco School District

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----- Original Message -----
From: Dan Kubilos <dan@oxnardsd.org>
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 11:44 am
Subject: [seul-edu] dhcp fails

> I just installed redhat 7.1 on an asus laptop with a xircom pcmcia 
> card
> Network works great if I set a static ip
> but  . .. 
> machine will not get an ip via dhcp
> pump and dhcpd packages are installed.
> The dhcp server is an NT 4.0 machine.
> any suggestions?
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> Dan Kubilos     __\o_ ^
> K-8 Tech Coord
> http://www.oxnardsd.org