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[seul-edu] OSS for schools



I’m trying to introduce OSS particularly OpenOffice here at my school. I have already been using it with my primary students with no problems at all.

I would like to know a bit about your experiences in using it. What problems you faced, was the training and the conversion difficult, long or costly?


Here it would be more difficult for the teaching staff than for the students, students will do it easily I’m sure.


I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences with me. I would like to convince our ICT Committee that it is worth moving into Open Source Software, not just for the money factor but all the benefits that it will bring into the school.


My plan is to start with OpenOffice running on Windows and in a year or so, maybe 2, we will switch to Linux, providing everything works well.


Are there any other schools/universities using it? I would like to contact them and share experiences


We have around 1,800 students and 200+ staff.



Thanks for all your help,



Omar Olivos

Head of IT

Markham College