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Concerning  the  survey  I'll  run:  Please,  let  me  know  you  as
programmers can see  in  an  OS.   For  instance,  there may be many
visual enhancements at the cost of speed (general performance).

Tell me more trade-offs which may imply:

    More GUI functionality but less speed
    Less GUI functionality but significatly higher speed
    Ability to 'slim down' the kernel to increase speed
    Problems related to get a tool to choose functions
     and recompile kernel **without** any tech difficulties
     to the user

One of the questions that may  illustrate  this  issue  may  be  the

    Why is RedHat 5.0 with FWMN faster than Win95 ?

    Tell me 20 reasons which may be understood by non-hackers.
I  have  designed  around  40% of the survey.  It'll take a few more
days than expected.  I  need  your cooperation in technical matters.
So far, no one has proposed anything. 



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