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SEUL-Leaders: bill tor - joining development leaders

this is some info i got from bill tor, who inquired about joining the
leadership team a little while ago.
i think he can be in charge of the admin tools, ui, or installer group
equally well.  he mentions a preference for ui on installer.

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From: billt@tor.securecomputing.com (Bill Thanis)
Message-Id: <97Jul30.163214edt.11649@janus.tor.securecomputing.com>
Subject: Re: SEUL: Team Lead
To: luka@MIT.EDU (Luka)
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 16:36:55 -0400
Cc: starsend@interlog.com

> >I have the time to lead a part of the development effort.
> >I have vasts experience in system administration under linux.
> i expect to be doing a lot of major organizing later this week, 
> and want to make sure you're in on it.
> as you can see from the leadership list, i'm pretty much single-handedly
> in charge of the development team management and system design - which
> is a bit much.  i'll be sending mail to the list later about exact plans,
> and requests for people with specific skills.  but getting more spaces
> filled in will help me figure out what we still need.
> so, tell me a bit about yourself: what experience you have, and any
> preferences for what you'd like to do with seul development.

> a few specific things i'm looking for:
>  + have you written code?  a lot?  what languages?
	Yes. I have written code in C and Fortran for real.
	I played with several other languages.
	I have written perl and shel scripts.
	Specifically I have written device drivers, and unix deamons.

>  + have you managed a programming team before?  how large?

>  + have you designed a software system before? (i.e. various programs/modules
>    that had to be specified, delegated to coders, and then pieced together,
>    hopefully working correctly together in the end)
>    if so, what scale of system? (small, medium(typical app package),
>    large(complex app), seul-sized(lots of stuff, but not too crazy),
>    huge(major os, for example))
	I have put together a "distribution" of linux for my sister. I started
	with a bare-bones Slackware distribution, added the X front end, internet
	connectivity, and configured fvwm, to be require very little intelligence
	to run. I configured a single default user for her to use.
	The entire entire internet connectivity part was chrooted in its own file
	system. I planned to do the same with all other packages I was to install but 
	didn't need to install anything.
	She uses it as the fabled network computer.

>  + any usual skills/experience?

>  + any particular aspects of seul you're really interested in?
>    (admin tools, ui, installer, device-detection, etc...)
	UI, and installation.

>  + how much time do you expect to put into seul (hours/week)?  this is not a
>    commitment, i just need to have an idea of how much work you can/want
>    to do.
	I have no idea. My schedules yo-yo's way to much. 10 hr/wk sounds okey
	but the variance either way is probably very wide.

> sorry i took a while responding to you, but i'm in the running for
> most overworked person on the planet.  hopefully you can help
> remedy that. :)

I haven't added my home account to the list yet, but I plan to be following
the mail list from the account starsend@interlog.com.

> -luka, seul dev leader

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