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SEUL-Leaders: seul-dev mailing list

  please create the mailing list seul-dev@mail.txcc.net, and let me know as
soon as it is ready.  this will be the main mailing list for developers, so
we can separate development-related stuff from general discussion (that being
on seul-project).

  or if mailing lists at seul.org are stable, then create seul-dev@seul.org,
and we can announce the move over to seul.org at the same time that we
announce seul-dev.

  set up seul-dev configured like seul-project.  i am hoping that people will
be sensible and understand the intended use when we announce it.  if not,
we can always change accessibility if necessary.


p.s. yes! i'm back.  that blackout sucked.

p.p.s.  i am talking to paul about the dev-admin leader position (hence the
 cc).  i'll mail back to seul-leaders as soon as i have plans/info.
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