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SEUL-Leaders: re: Team Lead

]note: sorry if this sends twice.  looks like seul-leaders mail is not going
]      through seul.org properly.  can someone look into this? cyber?

looks like bill will not have time for working as a leader on seul.

i still appreciate the offer and the interest in seul.
do keep following the list, and contribute when possible.
i think your experience can be quite valuable to the design and coding of seul,
and hope you can help everyone make it a success.

bill wrote:
>I regret to inform you that I must withdraw from the project at this time.
>I have been given a new assignment that will substantially decrease my free time
>in the immediate future.
>I will be contniuing to follow the mail list, and will contribute when I can.
>Sorry, about this.

 Peter Luka            ...            luka@mit.edu
 SEUL Project development leader/systems architect
Simple End User Linux Leader Mailing list