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SEUL-Leaders: Re: from APS (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 05:09:28 +0000
From: Aldo-Pier Solari <solaris@fobos.ulpgc.es>
To: "Erik Walthinsen (Omega)" <omega@sequent.com>
Subject: Re: from APS

On 11 Aug 97,  Erik Walthinsen (Omega) <omega@sequent.com>  wrote:

> Nope.  Dad's from Norway, immigrated at 14yrs (now ~56)

Well, I see. Norways is a very nice country. And the norwegians are 
the most viking of the whole of Scandinavia. They were the ones who 
sailed to Iceland and America 500 years before the spaniards :-)
They settled in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and never returned to 
Scandinavia. They were looking for a place where the 'sun shines'. 
Nice story, good sailors and a great gung-ho spirit: Bad comrodes 
were thrown over the board, just like that :-). They had the concept
'laget om' which means 'for the whole of the team' or 'around the 
tream'. It implied that the crew, during sails, could eat and drink 
as much as it was left enough for the rest. And those who broke the 
team spirit were thrown over the board. Crude but good-spirit. 

> We were discussing the possibility of you leading the user-research group
> (that doesn't exist yet in the docs).  You'd basically be coordinating
> things like an 'expert group' of users that can be queried on specific
> subjects (via closed mlist), as well as creating the official, "dot the
> i's and cross the t's" definition of the 'End-user(s)'.

I can build up a multidisciplinary, expert group (scientists, 
students and laymen) to interact with the programer core, etc. The 
project is good, the spirit is good and it is a good chance to 
contribute to get this going. 

First thing needed could be to work out a somehow detailed agenda 
from the programer core of what you do expect from the expert group.



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