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SEUL-Leaders: Uncle SEUL wants YOU!

If you are interested, you are being 'invited' to attend the nightly meeting 
of the seul-leaders group.  We are considering you two quite seriously as 
leaders for a few of the groups, if you are interested.

If you can make it to the meeting, we'll be discussing what groups you'd be 
interested in and how to best get things rolling in the right directions 
ASAP.  Things are moving more towards chaos than we'd like... ;-)

Tonight's meeting will be discussion only, as luka cannot be here tonight.  
Real decisions will be made tomorrow night, so if you can't make it tonight, 
try to make it here tomorrow night.  If you can make it to both, plz do.  

We meet in IRC, at irc-2.mit.edu:6667, in channel #seul.  This is nightly.

The time depends on your timezone, of course.  Here are a few of them:

9pm PST
11pm CDT
12pm EST
7am EET

It'd be great if you could be there!

    SEUL Project infrastucture/system architecture

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