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SEUL-Leaders: dns

cyber, please make the following dns changes:
 1.  add dev.seul.org to point to cran.
 2.  don't create irc.seul.org

this has been discussed and is the way we want things.

excerpt from irc log:

<luka> i think irc.seul.org is a bad idea for 2 reasons: might be inaccurate, and
  invites hackerz.  better plan: cvs, and dev.  cvs will always point to the
  cvs server. dev will point to a general purpose seul development/file server
  (which is also cran right now).  it would also be sensible then to direct
  people to dev.seul.org for discussions or whatever when appropriate daemons
  are running.
<omega> right...

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