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SEUL-Leaders: Re: SEUL: Team Lead (bill thanis joining leaders)

welcome to the seul leaders team.

not sure exactly what group you are on now, but that will get worked
out soon enough.  (the groups themselves are getting reworked at this very
for now, you are within the scope of the development team, though, so you
will probably be communicating a lot with me directly as we start getting
the development effort started.


 we have a mailing list seul-leaders@txcc.net for things that relate
specifically to management of seul project, as opposed to the general
discussion on the seul-project list.
 cyber (cl@txcc.net) maintains the mailing list.   do you want to be added as
starsend@interlog.com?  let cyber know, so you can get added.
 til that's active, everyone please cc seul-leaders mail to bill.  i'll
use starsend@interlog.com from here on, unless i hear that's wrong...

 we also meet semi-regularly on irc at
[9pm pst, 10pm cst, 12midnight est, 8am finland]  on channel #seul, on
server irc-2.mit.edu.
when is this time where you are?  and can you make these meetings?
being there is not required or anything - it is just generally useful to get
leaders together for discussions occasionally.

 our fileserver is cvs.seul.org, which is routed to cranleigh.mit.edu (cran)
(administered by me).  you will be wanting access soon, since we keep all of
our shared files there.  access is via ssh (secure shell), and cvs is our
chosen of version control system, which can be used locally or remotely
(through an ssh channel).  it's not very hard to get this set up, but you
might not be familiar with the programs.
please contact me when you have a bit of time, and i'll get you set up with
an account, and walk you through ssh/cvs setup as needed.
(i've started writing a howto on this, but it's not done yet.)

 we're currently working madly on getting our team structure ironed out,
and specifying the seul system's design.
 organization is somewhat freeform for now, but that should settle down soon,
once we get the team structure figured out for certain.
 you'll probably catch on to what's happening pretty quickly from the mail
that goes over seul-leaders, and if you can show up at irc.
 right now, get in touch with me so you can get access to files, and then
we'll go from there...

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