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services transitioning to new machine

The new seul machine is up and online, temporarily at failsafe.seul.org.
It's a 1 GHz Athlon with half a gig of ram and a 45G drive.

This is the machine that is eventually going to replace cran, and start
running some of the services from belegost as well.

This will work (and be transparent) because of the "cvs.seul.org",
"ftp.seul.org", "irc.seul.org", etc abstractions. So if any of you are
using "cran.seul.org" or a similar address, prepare to have things break
for you. Please send me mail asap if this is going to be a problem.

Our basic plan is:

1) Move pserver/cvs from cran to failsafe
2) Move the zopeserver from belegost to failsafe
3) Set up mysql on failsafe, and then migrate opencollector, stocks,
   tiny, and ftp2
4) copy the passwd/group entries over correctly
5) take cran and failsafe down, stick cran's main drive (30G) into
   failsafe as /home, and bring failsafe back up as moria at cran's
   old IP.
6) Move worldforge from belegost to moria

We'll be doing these steps over the next few weeks as I find spare
moments. If you want to help, let me know.


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