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Need to know about SEUL for Linux Expo in Feb.

Hi Pete/Doug & fellow SEUL'ers,

Jason, Daniel, and myself from the Linux Knowledge Base Project are going
to the Linux Expo on behalf of the LinuxKB and SEUL.  Only problem is that
for the most part, we're ignorant about all the projects that are
affilated with SEUL.  I've heard about a few of them, but for the most
part I don't know what you hope to accomplish or status.

Hence, it would be really nice to have a paragraph or two from each
project that the three of us could read to give us what we need to know
when someone asks us a question, and thereby prevent looking stupid. :)

Anyways, Roger suggested that I email you with this request.  If you could
email me with a brief overview of your project, it's status, and it's
goals no later then the end of next week that would be great.


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