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Got this one. Let me know if you take contact with the guy.


] From: "Holt's" <jholt@solve.net>
] To: <solaris@seul.org>
] Subject: SEUL
] Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 20:27:43 -0600
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] I have attached a message that I posted on comp.os.linux.misc.  It is
] obvious that I share the same ideas that the seul group has.  The posting
] brought very little response.  However, one response did acquaint me with
] seul. 
] Maybe I can help a little, more as an end user.  I am not a programmer.  I
] am an Engineer (BSEE & license).  I retired about 8 years ago.  I have
] worked (and played) with computers about 35 years.  I had UNIX on my desk
] for years although I was an end user and not an administrator.  I started
] my home PC with a "Trash" 80, model one.  Now my home computer is a Pentium
] 166 networked to my son's Pentium 100 and I have a Pentium 60 in the
] basement with Win 3.11 on a 200 meg HD and a 450 meg HD to play with Linux.
]  I have worked for several years with a small office with 6 PC's and a
] small school with a 25 PC lab and 28 PC's in the classrooms.  I fix their
] problems, they buy what I tell them to buy, I install the equipment - etc. 
] I started the small office network with NetWare and later switched to Win
] 3.11, then to Win 95.  The school network is Win 95 with a gateway via dial
] up ISDN to the Internet.  I am not running a dedicated server at these
] locations.
] Anyway, maybe you can pass this message around the seul group and see what
] the response is there.
] Joe Holt
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] <TITLE>I did not know Linux existed until I saw Mr</TITLE>
] OFFICE\OFFICE\html.dot">
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] <BODY LINK=3D"#0000ff" VLINK=3D"#800080">
] <P>Winux a "new" OS?</P>
] <P>I did not know Linux existed until I saw Mr. Neil Randall=92s =
] articles in PC Magazine last summer. Interested, I then bought Mr. Matt =
] Welsh=92s "Linux Installation Guide". I have also explored several web =
] sites connected with Linux and Xfree86 and installed Caldera's Open =
] Linux base. I used to have UNIX on my desk. I like UNIX and would like =
] to see it in more PC=92s. After I retired, I have concentrated on MS DOS =
] and MS Windows. This includes working with small business=92s, a small =
] school and home computers. </P>
] <P>I can tell you as a matter of fact that: As Linux is now presented, =
] it will never be in widespread use on the small business, small school =
] or home computer=92s. I also believe that with a new focus and help from =
] hacker=92s, that it could be a major system in these computers. Mr. =
] Welsh=92s book says that Linux is "the most complex and utterly =
] intimidating system ever written". So the first item is to change the =
] name. We need something like Winux. There are three magic words to get =
] average people to use and like an operating system. These words are =
] "Ease of use" and the way to get there is called GUI.</P>
] <P>Let=92s define Winux and a Winux master web site.</P>
] <OL>
] <LI>The major purpose of the Winux web site is to develop an OS with GUI =
] software to install and use the system by the average PC user who is =
] non-technical. </LI>
] <LI>The master web site would contain a stable version of Linux and =
] Xfree86. The Winux web site would not develop the Linux and Xfree86 =
] software. This site would simplify and standardize this software.</LI>
] <LI>The GUI software would include a browser/editor. One purpose of this =
] browser is to view help files. It could also be used for the desktop, =
] etc. This site would develop a help system that is written for the =
] non-technical person.  Maybe Communicator 5.</LI>
] <LI>A GUI "Manager" (browser?) would be developed to manage files, =
] hardware and small peer to peer networks. </LI>
] <LI>All software on the site would be free or GNU GPL.</LI></OL>
] <P>Most of the software that is needed already exists, so the Winux =
] effort would be to select GNU packages to be a part of Winux. The Winux =
] web site would have links to other web sites that provide other =
] components.</P>
] <P>I believe that a major effort on Winux would be noticed and would =
] encourage commercial software writers to port their software to Winux. =
] </P>
] <P>I believe Winux can make a major entry into the PC World. If one =
] hundred of you hackers would help, it would be fast and easy.</P>
] <P>What do you think? </P>
] <P>Joe Holt</P></BODY>
] </HTML>
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