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SEG buddy recruited

Here we go: Pete's been recruited  for the SEG.  He works on network
maintainance and runs GIS analyses and other research  stuff.   I've
known  him  for  a  few  years  since  he's  been  a  subscriber  of
fish-ecology for over 3 years, I believe.

Pete  is  very  positive towards Linux (he was already in the SEG as

I'm pretty sure it'll  be  better  to  work  with somebody else.  At
least to me. 



] From: "Pete St. Onge" <pete_st_onge@iname.com>

] Aldo Solari [APS] wrote:

] > SEUL-SEG leadership.  We  could  well  work  together  and the group
] > wouldn't split if anyone has to gop away to some some place else, on
] > holidays ... whatever.
]     I'm game for that. I know there's a fair bit of work involved there, but
] at least it can be done via email. Sure, count me in.

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