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re: status

whylinux [pub] is completed but still needs somebody maintaining
other ongoing things are sdoc [leaders] (stalled but progress
will be made once I decide how to implement the new things omega
wants, and once I have time to do it), proclog [admin] (a basic
utility to process the logs in /var/adm in a very abstract
manner. isn't finished, because I've noticed other
people working on similar programs).

[distrib] had a boot disk that was (slightly) modified from debian's.
Grep also had a (slightly) modified debian distrib sitting on corsica.
That's stalled, given grep's current situation (i don't remember
exactly what it was; just not seul).

[apps] has a list forthcoming of interesting applications we need.
I think Kai is working on that. Luka has one in the works too; they'll
combine them sometime.

[ui] has a fix for the xdm problem they were discussing. probably more
small things as well.

there's also a website in the works, if you have a category for that.

That's just off the top of my head...there are other things around,
no doubt.

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