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Re: independant project

> Comments?

Sounds like it could be very useful, especially if you are able to develop 
certain things at the same time.

Given that such a release would be small in distribution, user-base, and 
new code (i.e. no big UI), it would likely be an ideal way to learn how 
best to do these things.

What I'd recommend is that you work towards developing the Core/Layers 
idea, as well as developing the entire distribution in CVS with appropriate 
support code to handle unstable/stable/release and the myriad of versions.
I have many ideas in that area, and I'd love to have a small-scale test bed 
in which to develop them.

If possible, I would like to keep SEUL involved in this project, not just
for content, but for method.  Developing a special-purpose distribution in 
parallel with developing the necessary support will allow SEUL to do the 
right thing the first time.  It'll also help you get it done faster.... :)

If you have a basic requirements doc, post it here, and we can discuss how 
to proceed.  I think developing this would be a logical project for 
dev-distrib to help with, *before* building our own.

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