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Re: from linux-kernel

>While this is a long way off, I think it's something we can indeed do, and
>should.  This would be the ultimate Windoze-killer, if we could get it
>shipped with PCMag or some other high-volume mag.  Heck I'd settle for
>c't in the first round.

It would be significant as a killer app in colleges like mine where they
teach C++ as the first programming language.  (I've seen errant Borland
programs do hideous things to P5-166MMX's in our computer lab, and no one
uses Microsoft's compiler in the lab.)

A lot of our LUG growth has been from interested CS majors.  This would help
a lot of those wavering, since they lack the expertise to repartition,
reformat, and all that good stuff.

Martin Jackson:  mjackson@deskmedia.com
Information Science Major
Mankato State University

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