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  I don't think this is appropriate, to be frank.  I've been a victim of
anti-spam, and I would probably guess that a lot of people are getting
really "hurt" by anit-spam society.  More, than those who are getting hurt
by spam.

  It is very easy, to get "rid" of unwanted mail in your directory.  But,
it isn't that easy to get past a "nut" administrator, who just "thought"
out of him/her- self to *add* you or a site your mail relays through, into
an anti-spam list.  Which is happening, already, as we all know that there
are more "bad" administrators than there are "proper" ones.

  IMNSHO, I've been a user on several large network sites in Europe.  Spam,
is just another way of milking the cow, in a similar way as the awful and
scary virus threats, some years ago.  Only a moron really buys it, and if
you take a good look at it, most corporate sites thrive on having mail of
this kind going to the employees mail boxes.  And, furthermore, in most
cases blocking it is an unacceptable policy... what these *idiots* (Sorry,
for my poor french :-) will accomplish is splitting the Internet.  And all
they'll end up with, is their own private little uucp network.  If that's
what they really want, then maybe Bruce (and several Newspaper columnists),
that Linux is just a community of a bunch of veenies and losers... who
want it to be their own private little hobby work.

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