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Re: Leaders: -dev website sections

A couple of amplifications/additions to what Arma has said:

Roger Dingledine wrote:

Simon will have a skeleton finished for the development part of the website
in the next few days.
Very soon. Like, I've already emailed Omega asking him to copy the test site accross to the live one.
Or at least, finished enough that other people
should start contributing, so we can actually get some content there in
addition to structure.  This means you guys should start coming up with
data that you should put in your section.  At a minimum, I'd like each dev
group to have

- Mission statement

  This is already written for you, in the seul-tasks document (draft
  available in http://web.mit.edu/arma/Public/seul-tasks. It's on the
  dev website as well, but I'm still mucking with versioning there.)
  except for seul-dev-ui and seul-dev-admin which hopefully Luka will be
  correcting soon. In any case, if your section is finished (the document
  will mention whether it is or not), please send me a comment (yay or
  nay) about it so I know you've read and acknowledged it. Also please
  correct and update your section, and indicate those corrections to
  swaldman@seul.org with cc to seul@seul.org.

Please let me know regardless, so if you're happy with what's there I can put it on your homepage - if not, why not (ie what needs changing)

- Active members

  Given the current situation, most of our developers are spread over
  multiple dev groups. We need more manpower before this section can become
  very large, but it's still a good idea to set it up now so people can get
  some exposure. Most active people should have accounts on cran, with
  homepages (or links) there. Even VERY sparse ones will do for now, but
  it should be standard.

For an example, see http://dev.seul.org/~swaldman/Ask myself, Omega, Arma, or anybody who has already done it if you're not sure how to set up a homepage on cran.
<stuff about links>Yep, if you have a list of links, please let me have 'em!

  At some point (soonish), I also want to pick out a member of each
  dev group that can be responsible for that dev group's section of the
  website. This is because seul-pub doesn't have enough manpower right
  now to handle the whole thing, and also because it would require having
  a seul-pub guy subscribed to all the dev groups trying to sort out what's
  useful, what should be changed, etc.  The volunteer from the dev group
  can work closely with seul-pub; he doesn't have to have HTML experience,
  so long as he can provide regular thorough reports and updates.

To clarify: at best, if somebody from a dev- group wants to take responsibility for that section of the site, that would be nice. But even if that isn't the case, what i'd like is one nominated 'liason' in each group, who has a task of keeping myself and/or seul-pub up-to-date with what's happening in the group - stuff that needs to go on that group's page, and also milestones reached, etc., which could go on the general news page.

Thanks everybody,


Simon Waldman            email:  swaldman@bigfoot.com
Surrey, England.                 swaldman@seul.org
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