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[admin@pfak.cjb.net: Website Help]

Peter contacted me asking if he could help with the seul website. Since
I don't need any more help on the seul frontpage currently, I figured
I'd forward this to the list here and let other people contact him if
they were interested.
(Please cc me if you answer him, so I can keep at least a little bit in
the loop.)

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Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 21:37:30 -0800
From: Peter Kieser <admin@pfak.cjb.net>
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To: arma@seul.org
Subject: Website Help

I would like to help with the Seul.org website, I visited the page
http://www.seul.org/pub/website/wanttohelp.html and it says to contact
you, I have all of the areas that you are looking for, but the GIMP
part, I currently have Linux, but I'm not using it, but I can do the
website, I am working on the ImageNet, PFAK, Team C, and some other



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