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Re: SSH from F-Secure

> If you install the server version,

We have ssh installed on all the SEUL machines.  It's our primary (though
maybe not only) method of transferring data (shell or CVS).

You (Aldo) have an account on cvs.seul.org, so you should be able to connect
without any extra hassle with what you have.  In order for the connection to
work without a password, however, you'll want to 1) make sure that it's *your* 
machine and your private key data is secure within that machine, and 2) set 
up the cran side to allow it:

a) add the hostname, key length, some number (35), and the whole numeric 
public key to ~solaris/.ssh/known_hosts:

  machine.cicie.ulpgc.es 1024 35 49273406782093....23423509872345

b) add the hostname to ~solaris/.rhosts
c) change the perms: .rhosts is 0400, .ssh is 0700

If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to figure out what's wrong.


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