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> Folks: Could Eric/Roger or Luka, please, arrange a corner for SEG in
> the  www.seul.org  so  we  can  keep  recruiting  interested parties
> through the web ?.

I'm working on re-doing how stuff gets to the web, mostly streamlining it.  I 
have a midterm due Monday, so this weekend's out, but Monday, Tuesday 
(Vetran's Day), and Wednesday (because there's no class on Tue...) will be 
available for this work.  If I can get ahold of luka during that time, we 
should be able to get things rolling, and you'll be able to put your own 
content on the site.  I hope to get other things done as well, such as mail 
aliases @seul.org, some way of handing out accounts, etc.

I'll keep everyone informed as to progress, maybe even give out some test 
access to the machine I'm prototyping on (test.seul.org, no accts yet so 
don't bother, besides, it's behind a 33.6 dialup).


      Erik Walthinsen - SEUL Project infrastructure/system architecture
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