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SEUL-SEG PR 2 sci.bio ...

Folks:  I went on sci.bio.fisheries and sci.bio.oceanography with PR
on SEUL-SEG.  Expecting  new  recruits  during  the  coming days.  I
would, really, like to set up a solid (~200 peers) SEG  group.   And
with  'solid', I mean people who'll stay for years to come, not just
a few months.  In this,  I  believe  it  may be important to recruit
government scientists and  researchers  as  well  as  other  similar
computer users: They have got both safe salary & position, access to
lots  of  resources (bandwidth, machines, OS's, etc.) and may become
key partners.  Several who've  joined  SEG,  already, belong to that

As of today, I learned what TTYL means (had to ask Erik :-), hence,



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