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Brief help note: (Kinda important, at least part of it.)

I noticed that KDE was being discussed, including
the use of its help system. As you might guess, I
would be interested in knowing as soon as possible
if we are going to adopt this. I have concerns with
it unless the help system is transferable to other
WMs since if a user doesn't want to use KDE they could
lose help.

Any comments?

As a further note:

I have recently (the past 1-2 months) been hugely busy
and have not made much progress on the help system at
all. Things are getting better now and I have started
continuing with the coding and design. I have several
components to the system which I have not mentioned in the
help group which I will be presenting soon, as well as
improved (read: less suceptible to not running) code
in the rest of it.

Thanks for the patience.

Ken Duck
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