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Re: Brief help note: (Kinda important, at least part of it.

> OK, now that Duck  mentions  the  help  system, I wonder whether you
> would like to know of anything SEGers will want to  see  in  a  help
> system or you have your objectives clear & loud.

If I scanned correctly, there's gonna be a tarball of the sources available 
soon, maybe an RPM (know how, Ken?), and it might be appropriate at that 
point for Ken to write up a formal announcement for Aldo to send to SEG, 
which can then be used to find people who are interested in giving feedback 
and ideas to Ken, through Aldo (into the SEG process now).

I've also been thinking about having a pure announce list, very low traffic, 
which people can sign onto from a form on the web site.  It would be used 
sparingly to send out things like this.  The first publicly available rev of 
the help system would precisely what we'd want to send out on the list.  I'd 
expect a much higher membership (many hundreds), simply because it's like a 
"want to know more?" or "inform me when this site changes" type thing.


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