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real time definition

I don know whether the  machine  which distributes the mail messages
is OK by now.  In negative case, please,  accept  my  apologies  for
loading whatever spool may be receiving the traffic.

We saw the req.  from the scientist at the US Geological Survey.   I
have  observed,  the  issue of 'real time' is significant for people
who work in  fields  such  as  remote sensing (satellite, airborne),
underwater  (submersibles,  surface  ships),  underground   hardware
(which measure geological variables, etc.).

I  will try to deal with this issue in the SEG.  However, we need to
define what we mean  by  'real  time'.   On  the one hand, there's a
definition used by coders for OSes.  On the other  hand,  scientists
appear  to  mean  'multimedia  time'  (data  has  to be processed by
algorithms before anything can  be  done)  when  they refer to 'real

Could we attempt to define 'real time' as far as SEUL is concerned ?


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