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leave of absence

just a quick note to everyone (hope i didn't forgot many this time).
i just got out of a long hospital stay (no net connection, hence not much
earlier contact).

i will be taking a medical leave for the rest of this term, and spring term
as well.  i'll be leaving for virginia this friday, to rest and recover some,
and then returning at an indeterminate time in the future (probably 1-2 months
from now).

yes, this is a form letter, just to clue everyone in a bit, but email me
personally, and i'll get back to you as soon as i have a chance.

i will have a net connection from virginia (soon).  right now i'm under
pressure to get moved out today, and fly out friday afternoon, so i'm sorry
but i can't really meet people or say goodbye much right now.

i expect to check mail late tonight, and then leave.  will probably be back
for a visit within a few weeks.  l8r,

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