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Re: This weekend

um sortaACK.
i'll have /some/ time, but don't know how much yet.  probably not too much.
expecting more time after wednesday...

but still feel free to do stuff without me and keep me (plus the rest of
seul-leaders) up-to-date on progress, email me questions, requests, etc.
i'll keep up as much as i can.

>How many are available this weekend to start getting things rolling on the 
>lists?  Aldo has mentioned he has about 30 people for the SEG, maybe we can 
>work on getting them added to the list and get procedures in place.  Twoducks 
>can send out info on the help system, I can send info on my (limited) work on 
>the boot process, etc.
>Plz ACK with availability...
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