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seul-wide status update?

I'd like to send out a mail to seul-announce soon, with the changes/updates
that have taken place at seul over the past few months. seul-announce
currently has 788 subscribers, so this is a chance for some nice
publicity for your project. Sometimes places like linuxtoday pick up
the mails I send, depending on how interesting they are, and a couple
thousand more people see them.

Things that I can think of offhand:

* Project Independence (http://independence.seul.org/) is in the `Comparison
of Linux Distributions' in the September Linux Journal:

There are a number of new projects being hosted/developed by seul:

* settlers
* gperiodic
* gftp
* gtkpool
* gps
* roster
* xarchon
* august
* pingus

If you are one of the above projects, please send me a 1 to 4 line
blurb describing your project, including URL's for the site and for
the package/tarball.

* lincity
* ewave
* xlhtml
* openself
* logo
* ddial
* gflash

If you're one of these projects, please let me know your status --
I've set things up for you but it looks like you haven't done anything

gEDA: if you could collect a set of programs which have had releases
in the past few months, with 2ish line blurbs for each, that would be

If you aren't a new project but you've had a new release within the
past month or two, please let me know (including a similar blurb describing
what your program is).
If I've left you out and you've done something recently, by all means
let me know.


SEUL-Leaders list, seul-leaders-request@seul.org