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Belegost is back up

i believe we should be fully-functional:

* we're running 2.2.10-ac12 SMP -- belegost's second processor is now
  being used. woohoo. :)
* dns and sendmail are up and working (belegost serves several dozen dns
  queries a second these days, it seems. wow.)
* majordomo is up
* eperl and mhonarc are installed, so you can get to the archives and new
  archives show up.
* proftpd is not yet installed, so the incoming directory on ftp2.seul.org
  doesn't work. this only affects independence, but i hope to fix it by
  this evening.
* apache finally virthosts, so www.mirrors.seul.org is back. not that we
  use it these days, but hey.
* i rebuilt the arla (an open source afs client) src.rpm tailored to my
  kernel tree, so i don't intend to reboot anymore now that that's stable.
* belegost can now do php3 or any other fancy glibc-2.1 apache-1.3 redhat-
  6.0 web things. if you're still fuming that cran doesn't have php3
  installed, let me know and we can look into moving some pages over to

but there was a while where mhonarc wasn't installed, so if someone sent some
mail to your lists-which-are-archived-on-www.seul.org, and that mail didn't
get archived, you should track it down, including headers, stick it on cran
(one mail per file, ideally), and send me mail about it. i'll feed it into
the archives manually.

thanks. let me know if anything besides proftpd is currently nonfunctional.


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