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Re: SEUL: A few comments

Hi all.  Just joined the list.  I also picked up the address from
redhat-list.  Did you guys make an announcement on linux-announce?  You
should advertise your efforts more possibly..

I haven't really been following this thread, but the subject is in tune
with a few things I'm thinking as well.

I don't understand why you are going to create an entirely new
distribution, instead of using one of the existing ones.  I understand you
would have to follow the conventions of the particular distributor, but
possibly you could make code that is dynamic enough to adapt to those

I'm sure this has been well thought out; I'm just looking for ideas as to
why you are doing it this way.

For instance, you could use the packages from the distributor, but not
necessarily the installation program.  RedHat does a great job of
following FSSTND, and testing their packages before they are released.
Their install script, and ancillary programs kinda blow, but you would
already have the basic stuff done.

It just sounds like a better idea to spend your time building applications
that make using it easier, rather than spending any time recompiling the
basic utilities that all Linux distributions have..

Any comments?
Dave Wreski

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