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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

Marcus Berglund writes:
> I use Debian 1.3, and the main advantage of debian over others is that it
> will detect if there is a conflict in a package, it wont install packages
> that depend on another package, so you just have to install the package
> it requires and it all just fits together, but it is hard to select
> packages first time,...

Dselect is not appropriate for seul.  Its replacement, "diety", may be, but
is not ready yet.

> ...and putting 6-7 floppies in the drive, just for the installation,

I have not installed 1.3 yet, but it was my understanding that it could be
installed with one floppy (or none, with a bootable CD drive).

> ...does tend to make it a little more difficult,...

The Debian install is still much too difficult.  I don't think that any
distribution has an install suitable for seul.  However, the install and
administration stuff is not the core of a distribution: the packaging
system is.  You could fairly easily build a distribution which used the
Debian package system with the Red Hat "control panel" (not that I am
suggesting it).
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